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2cg develops environmental solutions and strategies that balance environmental, economic, and social impacts, to help clients exceed their environmental performance goals. Our specialties include: waste management, and sustainability planning. We use a simple approach:

  • Measure environmental impact.
  • Identify and rank an inventory of options.
  • Develop a sound strategy.



2cg provides specialized waste diversion planning services. We have recognized expertise in the management of organic wastes, and various dry recycling streams
Our "My Green Work Place" program, (see link below), helps you improve the economic and environmental performance of your work place.

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Paul van der Werf regularly writes about various waste management issues. He is the current columnist for "Organic Matters", which appears in issues of Solid Waste and Recycling magazine.

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For the last 25 years Paul van der Werf has been managing food after it has become waste. He now focuses his energies on preventing food from becoming waste. This is his blog.

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Paul van der Werf comments on the City of London’s urban agriculture strategy. [Article] (August 2017)

Paul van der Werf was on Toronto’s AM640 talking food waste and organic waste landfill bans. [Radio Interview] (August 2017)

Paul van der Werf and Dr. Jason Gilliland talk food waste with the Londoner June 15th 2017. [ARTICLE] - (June 2017)

Paul van der Werf talks with CTV about his household foodwaste survey 24 May 2017. [VIDEO] - (May 2017)

Paul van der Werf at National Press Gallery in Ottawa to promote the Fight Against Food Waste Act. [VIDEO] - (October 2016)

2cg included in a CTV story of Simcoe County single family waste audits. - (October 7th 2015)

Paul van der Werf featured in TD Friends of the Environment 2013 Review - (January 2014)

Paul van der Werf recipient of 2013 Ivey Environmental Excellence Award - (December 2013)

Grand Banks Composting Pilot Project [VIDEO] - (June 2013)

London Community News - celebrates London’s green energy successes - (February 2013)

The Londoner - City hall unveils new sustainable energy magazine - (February 2013)

Virtual Town Hall with London Mayor Joe Fontana - (October 2012)

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